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Why Plan Veterinary Conferences?

online veterinary ce Jan 19, 2021
Veterinary Continuing Education Conferences
The Veterinarian Success Podcast

This month our founder, Dr. Jenni Rizzo, received her very first invitation to talk on a podcast! Although it required getting out of her introvert comfort zone, Dr. Rizzo was excited for the opportunity to share her experiences balancing clinical practice, advocacy and veterinary conference planning, and family life.

In the Veterinarian Success Podcast, Dr Rizzo talks with Host, Isaiah Douglass, about her vision for IntroVet™ conferences, the personal struggles that drove her away from full time practice, and the difficulties she encountered at larger veterinary conferences, all of which led her to start IntroVet™. You’ll also hear how Dr. Rizzo taps into support from family and her Life Coach, Julie Squires, when all the “peopling” at vet conferences gets to be too much.

At the end of the episode, Isaiah and Dr. Rizzo discuss why the question, “where do you see yourself in five years”, is such a frustrating one to answer. What if 2020 happened in the middle of your perfect five-year plan? What if you don’t like where your plan is taking you? We think it’s best to be ok with changing your plan – or try not having one at all!

Isaiah and Dr. Rizzo invite you to listen in and join the conversation on facebook!

To listen to this Episode of The Veterinarian Success Podcast, click here.

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