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Introvert Friendly Community

Where it all began.

Meet the Founder!

Introvert Friendly Community

Where it all began.

Meet the Founder!

Jenni Rizzo, DVM


Jenni Rizzo is a veterinarian, a wife, a dog-lover, and an introvert (or… an IntroVet™)! As a practitioner, her special interests include emergency medicine and heartworm disease. Outside of private practice, Dr. Rizzo loves creating and advocating for programs that support veterinary teams. Just as veterinarians and technicians give their all to care for animals and their humans, she believes veterinary teams deserve to be equally well cared for.

Dr. Rizzo receives lots of support from her husband, Jared, and Chief Executive Dog, Pistol Pete. Learn more about the whole Leadership Team here!

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Hi everyone, Jenni here! I’m so glad you found our community! If you’re working in vetmed right now, chances are you consider yourself an introvert, like me. Researchers estimate that 70-80% of veterinarians and technicians consider themselves introverts or have introverted qualities. AND, almost 80% of new graduate veterinarians identify as female. Does that mean that 80% of us are introverted people, socialized as women, just trying our best to help animals without totally draining our social batteries? It sure seems that way!

If that’s the case, how do we do a better job honoring our needs as introverts? I don’t have all the answers, but this IS a question I find myself asking all the time. This question drove me to start IntroVet™ (previously known as Lone Star Vet Academy), drove me to develop stronger boundaries in clinical practice, and helped me to discover a passion for validating and supporting the vast number of other vet professionals out there who also sometimes feel exhausted by a field they love.

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Fun Facts

  • I love to laugh! Finding humor in the world helps balance out the sad parts of being a veterinarian.
  • Some of my favorite hobbies include hiking, paddleboarding, traveling to places I’ve never been, and anything that lets me be outside.
  • I will drop everything to foster a puppy (or a whole litter of puppies) at a moment’s notice. And when I have foster puppies, you can bet they’ll be in my lap for every IntroVet™ webinar! #morepetsonwebinars
  • Belgian beers are my favorite. IPA’s are the worst. You cannot change my mind.

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