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The Best Little Veterinary Conference in Texas

texas veterinary conference Nov 09, 2020
Texas Veterinary Continuing Education Conferences
Top 10 Reasons Why IntroVet™ Should be your next In-Person Event

After a long time at home and online, in-person veterinary conferences are being planned again just around the corner in 2021. IntroVet™ has been offering boutique, small group veterinary conferences in sunny San Antonio Texas since 2018, and we’re ready to roll out the welcome mat again! If you’re dreading the return to large convention halls and big crowds, here are the top 10 reasons to try IntroVet™ instead:

  • IntroVet™ was founded and is run by a veterinarian, because she wants veterinarians and veterinary technicians to be treated with the same personal care and attention that veterinary teams show their patients every day.
  • Introvert-friendly! For IntroVets who prefer animals to people, crowded convention halls and packed lecture-style seating are nerve-wracking….. IntroVet™ veterinary conferences are small, friendly, and welcoming. Think of us like the farmer’s market of veterinary CE.
  • Cookies! Every veterinary CE features a hand-made gourmet cookie to match the topic – ever try a brain cookie at a neurology event?
  • Trustworthy – the IntroVet™ team personally selects every sponsor and exhibitor. We include only those who we would welcome into our own practice.
  • Low-stress – no confusing apps to download or massive program grids to review. Plus, we limit registrations to prevent overcrowding.
  • Texas-sized Hospitality. You’ll never see a soggy boxed sandwich here – we provide chef-prepared meals and all-day snacks. Participants love that we never run out of fresh coffee or Topo Chico!
  • Top Educators. Our presenters lead celebrated careers as teachers and veterinary leaders, and our small group means that there is plenty of discussion and opportunity for questions at every veterinary CE event.
  • Gift Bags! IntroVet™ is famous for high-value, personally selected gift bags for each participant – you won’t leave these behind in your hotel room.
  • Warm & Welcoming. The team takes care of every detail and special requests….and literally, we control the thermostat in our meeting rooms. You’ll never have to sit in a chilly conference room again!
  • Did we mention cookies….?

If you’re nervous about heading back to a big convention center, try going small in 2021. To register for the best (little) veterinary conference in Texas, click here.

Texas Veterinary Continuing Education Conferences

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