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Tackling Burnout Head On

online veterinary ce virtual conference Jan 25, 2022
Virtual Veterinary Conference
IntroVet™ Announces Veterinary Compassion Fatigue Workshop

IntroVet™ is pleased to announce an interactive and perspective-changing virtual veterinary conference – Creating a Life You Love. IntroVet™ invites all members of the veterinary industry to attend live online, February 26th and February 27th, 2022 and earn 10 hours RACE Approved CE. We will explore skills developed by cognitive behavioral therapists, traumatologists, and wellness coaches, to help attendees learn to overcome the symptoms of burnout and compassion fatigue, which are so
common in our profession.

Julie Squires, a Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist, Life Coach and Grief Educator with 25 years of experience working exclusively with veterinary professionals, will lead this virtual vet conference. Julie brings a unique approach to support those exposed to the highly stressful, challenging and even traumatic environment of veterinary medicine. She does this in a very distinct way, by empowering them to help themselves through easy-to-implement yet powerful practices, tools, and insights.

If you hear phrases like these in your hospital – or in your own mind – this workshop is for you and your team!

  • Vet med is toxic
  • I want to quit
  • We are always short-staffed
  • I constantly worry about rude clients and bad reviews
  • I’m overworked
  • I can’t say no
  • I don’t feel like I fit in, I feel dumb at work, I’m intimidated

Julie’s approach to self care is diverse and offers something for everyone. Through this course, she will combine evidence-based science, guided meditation and mindfulness activities, writing and creative exercises to guide each attendee along their own path to overcoming burnout and compassion fatigue. Earn 10 hours RACE Approved CE by attending.

We encourage everyone to take a first step towards wellness and register today. During the workshop, participate to your own comfort level. IntroVet™ is judgement free community! All you need is a cozy spot and an internet connection – the IntroVet™ team will take care of everything else.

For more events like this one, check out our upcoming webinars and in person conferences or an on-demand video course today!

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