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online veterinary ce virtual conference Nov 11, 2020
Veterinary Continuing Education Virtual Conferences
Three Reasons to Register Your Entire Medical Team for IntroVet™'s Heartworm + Chagas Veterinary

On December 5-6, 2020, IntroVet™ is pleased to present “Don’t Break my Heart – What’s New, Different and Important in heartworm and Chagas Disease”. As a veterinarian, this thought-provoking virtual veterinary conference will provide a wealth of new information to put to use in your practice right away. When registering for this program, we encourage you to consider who spends the most time talking with your clients about heartworm disease – and register them to attend with you!

Here are some of the many benefits of having your entire team participate in this virtual veterinary conference:

It’s Good for Business! Your tech team members are often the first point of contact at an appointment. When they have the confidence that comes from an in-depth knowledge of heartworm disease, you can be reassured that they are providing your clients with accurate information that will ultimately improve compliance.

It’s Good for Pets! When techs have the latest information on the impacts of heartworm and Chagas disease, they are empowered to work with pet parents to focus on the importance of prevention and appropriate annual labwork.

It’s Great Value! No need to pay for travel, meals or mileage, or worry about downloading complicated apps. All your team needs to enjoy this virtual veterinary CE an internet connection and a cozy space to learn.

Veterinary Continuing Education Virtual Conferences

Treat yourself and your clinic staff to the best veterinary conference experience online – you’ll each earn 11 hours of RACE Approved veterinary CE, enjoy thoughtful discussion with colleagues and expert teachers, and receive fun gift packages delivered directly to your door! Set your team up for success this December, and we’ll deliver the rest!

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