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November Roundup

Nov 14, 2023

November Recharge

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Recharge, our monthly roundup of all things IntroVet! Each month we share medical trivia, self-care tools, and a note from our Chief Executive Dog, Pistol Pete.


Stories of staffing shortages, high burnout, and compassion fatigue are commonplace in our profession. You may have heard that the average length of a veterinary technician’s career is only a few years. How true is that statement? We did some digging and found the statistics!

According to a statistical database including the resumes of more than 32,000 veterinary technicians, how many report working in this field for more than 5 years?

(Choose your answer below to see the correct response.)
A: 10%
B: 13%
C: 26%
D: 50%

Wellness Corner:

Practicing Gratitude

According to a recent study on burnout, low reward is considered a contributing factor to workplace burnout and emotional exhaustion. This month, let’s take our annual thankfulness one step further to actively practice gratitude and show appreciation for our coworkers and staff.

Check out Dr. Holowaychuk’s introduction to workplace appreciation and learn how you can best support others in simple but impactful ways. These little steps in taking care of your team go a long way in creating a workplace that we all can enjoy!

More to be grateful for! Dr. Holowaychuk is joining us for a free webinar on November 19th! See below for details.

CE Spotlight:

Join us on Zoom in two weeks for a FREE CE opportunity!

Office drama? Consider it resolved

As we’ve seen in this month’s quiz and in the articles shared in our Wellness Corner, there’s much room for improvement in the veterinary world - to fight burnout and suboptimal working conditions. While we can’t solve every problem in a single webinar, we’re going to tackle at least one point of contention in two weeks!

This month, we’ve teamed up with communication expert and veterinarian, Dr. Marie Holowachuk, for a lesson in conflict resolution. Thanks to mobile practice, The Vets, we’re able to host this webinar completely for free!

Join us Nov 19 on Zoom to earn 1 hour RACE Approved CE and learn:

  • How to recognize the various forms of conflict within veterinary teams
  • To develop practical conflict resolution strategies
  • Specific statements and phrases that will foster collaboration and empathy rather than conflict

Community Updates:

2024 Course Details Now Available!

Thank you to everybody who provided their requests through the year for new course topics! We’re excited to announce that 2024 program information is now available, and each of our spring workshops are open for registration!

In 2024, we’re going to help IntroVets:

  • Understand their money mindset blocks and overcome them
  • Create a personal budget and a saving/investing plan
  • Teach their clients about their pets’ specific breed-related risks
  • Feel more comfortable managing dystocias, planned c-sections, and caring for neonates
  • Build on the concepts taught in Master Clinical Neurology with a new neuro course
  • Build a plan for treating any kind of wound
  • Practice bandaging, splints, casts, and skin grafts
  • Learn recent trends in pain management (SQ ketamine, anyone?)
  • Become a budding behaviorist!

 Registration is now open! Choose your 2024 courses here.


Pro Tip!

For instant access to these upcoming programs and more, consider joining IntroVet Academy! If you join us for more than a course or two a year, you’ll save hundreds of dollars and tons of time as an Academy Member.

You’ll be the first to be registered for each upcoming webinar (as a PRO Member), gain instant access to our library of on-demand courses, get to take advantage of members-only courses, and will have new clinical resources sent monthly straight to your inbox.

Petey’s Corner

Petey's Thanksgiving bandanna says, "Everyone's thankful for me", and we couldn't agree more. Keep up with Petey on social media!

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