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Not Actively Practicing Inclusivity? You’re missing out on talent and applicants!

online veterinary ce Sep 13, 2021
Veterinary Continuing Education

According to a survey conducted by McKinsey & Company, 39% of all respondents say they have turned down or decided not to pursue a job because of a perceived lack of inclusion at an organization.

How do you create a practice that promotes inclusivity? Check out these resources:

  1. PrideVMC
    According to Heath Fogg Davis, Temple professor, one major factor is a generational difference that boils down to self-definition and the freedom of having your identity be acknowledged and respected. Among Gen Z, 59% believe that forms should offer more options than “man” and “woman,” 35% report personally knowing someone who uses gender neutral pronouns, and one in six identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community. This generation is growing up with “intersectionality” and “queerness” in their vocabularies.

    As a business owner or manager, it’s important to stay abreast of the most recent changes in bills and protection acts. PrideVMC is a great resource for all members of your staff. PrideVMC offers the latest information, support groups and educational virtual meetings.

    Tip: Become a member of PrideVMC

  2. BraveSpace Certification
    Consider choosing an “Inclusivity Advocate” in your hospital. Even better – have your team apply for this unique position! This position should be celebrated on your website and social media. Consider adding photos of your team member’s journey on social media as they complete modules and when they receive their certification.

    The results of the survey conducted by McKinsey & Company, shows inclusivity might mean more to your team than you think. Analysis of the survey results, which were collected before the COVID-19 pandemic and before events in the United States spurred conversations around the world about racial justice and equity, shows that respondents who feel very included in their organizations are nearly three times more likely than their peers to feel excited by and committed to their organizations. What’s more, respondents from all demographics say they have taken organizations’ inclusiveness into account when making career decisions and would like their organizations to do more to foster inclusion and diversity. While leaders may have shifted their focus to urgent strategic needs amid the pandemic, organizations can consider using this time of historic disruption and heightened discourse about injustice to advance inclusion and diversity rather than allowing these priorities to recede.

    Tip: The Brave Space program is free for AVMA members and also for all PrideVMC members.

  3. Readily Available Therapy or Counseling
    The veterinary industry has many barriers to mental health care.
    • We often work beyond the normal business hours of many offices
    • Quality health insurance is often beyond our financial means and out of pocket therapy can be pricey
    • Outdated cultures that narrate the burden of euthanasia, the long hours and abuse from clients as “just part of the job”

If you use a 3rd party human resource or payroll company, check there first. There might already be mental health services available to your team.

Consider partnering with a local therapist to provide onsite one on one or group sessions at your clinic. Team members are more likely to participate when barriers to help are removed. Another option would be to partner with a local counselor to get your staff a discounted rate or prepay for sessions that your team can use independently.

For veterinary-specific coaching, reach out to a Compassion Fatigue Specialist and Life Coach, like IntroVet™ favorite speaker, Julie Squires. Coaches can provide both one-on-one support and group classes.

Finally, a relatively new resource to explore is virtual therapy. Some companies offer corporate accounts that enable you to prepay for virtual therapy sessions for your team to access remotely. TalkSpace, for example, offers prepaid sessions, monthly group sessions and unlimited chat support.

Whether you’re still unsure of the veterinary revolution or you’re all in, the benefits of inclusivity are undeniable. Take action today to improve employee retention, raise employee commitment and cultivate more applicants.

Michelle Popilek
Brave Space Certified

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