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IntroVet October Roundup

online veterinary ce Oct 23, 2023

October Recharge

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Recharge, our monthly roundup of all things IntroVet! Each month we share medical trivia, self-care tools, and a note from our Chief Executive Dog, Pistol Pete.


Pop Quiz: Lepto! The spirochete you never want to meet

When lepto is suspected, which sample type is best to submit for PCR analysis?

Choose your answer below to see the correct response!

A: Serum
B: Whole Blood
C: Urine
D: Conjunctival swab

Join Dr. Acierno and IntroVet for candid discussions and real-world advice November 4-5 online or on-location at the San Antonio River Walk!

Wellness Corner

Fall = Walking Season

Ever wonder where the advice to “take 10,000 steps a day” came from? Well the short answer is - marketing. It started as an ad campaign! Fortunately for us, researchers have since run studies to test this widely held belief:

A 2019 Harvard Study of almost 17,000 women found that those who walked an average of 7,500 steps/day experienced a nearly 50% reduction in mortality. Even averaging 4,500 steps/day reduced the risk of mortality by 41% vs those who walked <2,500 steps/day.

A second study of men and women showed up to a 70% reduction in premature death among those who walked at least 7,000 steps/day.

So it seems 7,500 steps/day would be fitting for a new motto! This month, let’s encourage everyone to get out, enjoy the fall weather, and get their steps in.

Community Updates

New Workshops on the Horizon!

October will be packed with announcements, as we open registration for a new FREE Webinar happening November 19th, and begin releasing 2024 programs!

Keep your eyes peeled for these courses to open!

  • Communication and Conflict Resolution (Free!)
  • Financial Wellness Retreat
  • Everyday Therio
  • Infectious Disease
  • Neurology
  • Free CE Day 2024
  • In Person: Behavior Workshop

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