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Holiday Hazards

online veterinary ce Nov 13, 2020
Veterinary Continuing Education Conferences

In addition to creating the best boutique veterinary conference experience both in-person and online, IntroVet™ leaders are also practicing veterinarians! This post is dedicated to all the hard-working veterinarians, technicians, practice managers, and customer service specialists in our IntroVet™ community. Feel free to utilize this blog post in your own practice, to share with clients and the public!

With so many pets adopted throughout the pandemic, this will be many family’s first holiday season with their new cat or dog. Now’s a great time to remind them a few “holiday hazards” to watch out for!

Veterinary Continuing Education Conferences

The three T’s to keep pet’s safe over the holidays:

Treats – Everyone loves snacking over the holidays, but pay special attention to pets around food trays, sweets and fatty foods that are left out for guests. Sugary, spicy, and savory snacks can lead to upset stomachs or worse! Be wary of leaving snackable gifts under the tree as well! We know many pets would love to help themselves to a box of chocolates left under the tree.

Turkey – Turkey bones are soft and splinter easily and can lead to costly medical bills if they are ingested. Put away leftover turkey and remind your guests that sneaking a drumstick under the table is a no-no, no matter how much your pup is begging.

Tinsel – Cats are especially drawn to tinsel, which, when swallowed, can create painful obstructions that need surgery to fix! It’s a good idea to also be careful with glass ornaments, wires and light bulbs, which can cause burns, cuts, or internal damage if swallowed.

It’s simple to avoid these hazards and still include your pets in holiday celebrations! Try these dog and cat treat recipes or these veterinarian-recommended chew toys.

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