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December Roundup

Dec 18, 2023

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Recharge, our monthly roundup of all things IntroVet! Each month we share medical trivia, self-care tools, and a note from our Chief Executive Dog, Pistol Pete.


This month's trivia is holiday themed! In National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, what is the name of Uncle Eddie's rotweiler?

(Choose your answer below to see the correct response.)
A: Clark
B: Killer
C: Boogers
D: Snots


Wellness Corner:

Holiday Season Is Here!

Holiday season is in full swing. You might be spending extra time thinking about lots of other people, as you plan gifts and parties and work schedules. Don’t forget to do something nice for yourself too! We all deserve a little treat. Here’s What Oprah has to say about treating yourself.


CE Spotlight:

2024 Is Right Around The Corner!

Registration Now Open for 2024 Courses
Thank you to everybody who provided their requests through the year for new course topics! 2024 program information is now available, and each of our spring workshops are open for registration!

In 2024, we’re going to help IntroVets:

  • Understand their money mindset blocks and overcome them
  • Create a personal budget and a saving/investing plan
  • Teach their clients about their pets’ specific breed-related risks
  • Feel more comfortable managing dystocias, planned c-sections, and caring for neonates
  • Build on the concepts taught in Master Clinical Neurology with a new neuro course
  • Build a plan for treating any kind of wound
  • Practice bandaging, splints, casts, and skin grafts
  • Learn recent trends in pain management (SQ ketamine, anyone?)
  • Become a budding behaviorist!

Check out our 2024 events today! 


Pro Tip!

For instant access to these upcoming programs and more, consider joining IntroVet Academy! If you join us for more than a course or two a year, you’ll save hundreds of dollars and tons of time as an Academy Member.

You’ll be the first to be registered for each upcoming webinar (as a PRO Member), gain instant access to our library of on-demand courses, get to take advantage of members-only courses, and will have new clinical resources sent monthly straight to your inbox.

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Petey’s Corner

Santa Petey's getting into the holiday spirit! 10/10, would give milk and cookies. Keep up with Petey on social media!

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