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Best Veterinary Conference to Attend Online in 2020

online veterinary ce virtual conference Sep 09, 2020
Veterinary Continuing Education Conferences

Covid-19 has left many veterinary conferences struggling to adapt to pandemic-friendly options. IntroVet™ was one of the first veterinary conferences to jump from in-person to online learning, when the need became clear in early 2019. As a veterinarian-owned small business, we’re fortunate that our programs have always been close-knit and highly interactive, as it has allowed us to easily adapt to become the best veterinary conference to attend online in 2020.

IntroVet™ offers boutique, small group events with a focus on practical topics and incredible hospitality. Sessions include up to 11 hours of CE and a personalized, welcoming atmosphere for participants – even online! To become the best veterinary conference, our online sessions promise a low-stress learning experience. There are no confusing apps to download, everyone takes the same course together, and opportunities to talk and learn with trusted veterinary leaders are endless. All you need is a cozy spot and an internet connection – the IntroVet™ team will take care of everything else!

IntroVet™ was founded in 2018 by Jenni Rizzo, a DVM. She believes that veterinary teams deserve to be treated with the same care and attention that they give to their patients and humans everyday. Dr. Rizzo is a self-described introvert who did not enjoy attending over-sized, over-crowded conventions. That’s why she created IntroVet™, to offer the best veterinary conference experience for anyone who enjoys comfort and community over size and scale.

Whether you’re an IntroVet™ native, or a first-time friend, we can’t wait to see you at our next conference! Check out our upcoming events and reach out anytime.

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