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Approved Treatment for Chagas Disease?

online veterinary ce Oct 30, 2020
Veterinary Continuing Education Conferences

Chagas Disease, a deadly condition caused by the parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi, has emerged as a major vector-borne illness across the southern United States. A 2019 study of dogs in Texas showed that the seroprevalence of T. cruzi exceeded 18% – higher than D. immitus, Erhlichia spp, Anaplasma spp, and Borrelia spp.

Despite its increasing spread, Chagas disease has remained a poorly understood condition with no definitive treatment – until now. Texas’ own Dr. Roy Madigan recently was awarded the first and only patent for a drug to treat T. cruzi. Dr. Madigan has dedicated his career to researching and fighting Chagas disease, and this treatment brings hope that we’ll soon be able to easily save patients from this devastating disease.

Veterinary Continuing Education Conferences

Please join IntroVet™ and Dr. Madigan to talk more about this novel therapy, and to learn how to effectively diagnose and treat this deadly emerging disease! This online course, which offers 2.5 hours of RACE Approved CE, is both informative and interesting, and is available on demand, which means you can watch at your convenience  anytime, anywhere! 

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