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Registration now open for Spring 2024 webinars!

Veterinary Financial Wellness Retreat

Ready to do some financial “spring cleaning”? No matter where you are in your personal and professional life, it’s important to take time to address your financial health and wellness. Too often, busy veterinary professionals are left unsure and confused about how to make good financial decisions regarding their budget, savings, and paying off their debt. 

During this mini-retreat, accredited financial counselor, Dr. Grace Kim, and certified life coach, Julie Squires, will lead you through a systematic, thoughtful approach to your money, so you can gain clarity and control over your finances.

Join us March 3, 2024 - live online - to transform your financial future!

Everyday Therio: Managing Reproductive Problems and Heritable Diseases in General Practice

Whether we realize it or not, we’re all managing reproductive health issues every time we come to work! From screening for hip dysplasia to performing a neuter, there are countless ways we apply principles of theriogenology in general practice.

This 2-day course is designed to answer the many reproductive health questions asked of practitioners every day. Join us April 27-28, 2024 to hear the latest science on the timing of spays and neuters, prep for your next c-section, practice neonatal care, understand all options for treating pyometra, and recognize the potential applications of heritable disease screening in your practice.

Hole-y Moley! Wound Repair and Aftercare

The variety of wound-care products out there are almost as infinite as the number of wounds we treat as veterinarians! How do you decide which materials to apply to which wounds? When can a broken bone heal with a splint? When’s the right time to plan for surgical closure? How do we achieve the best pain control?

On June 15-16, 2024, join this online 2-day live, interactive workshop is here to answer all these questions and more! Join pro-surgical team, Doctors Clara Goh and Sarah Marvel and master pain specialist, Dr. Sheilah Robertson to gain confidence treating trauma.


Free CE Day is back! After another trip around the sun, we’re excited to celebrate with another free, full-day program. Whether this is your first time meeting us, or you’ve attended all our programs, all veterinary team members are welcome. Join us online July 28, 2023 where we’ll learn from some of the country's leading experts on Oncology, Cardiology, Nutrition, and Pharmacology!

Invisible Threats: Battling Contagions and Zoonoses

Two globally recognized leaders in the field of infectious disease, Drs. Jen Chatfield and Petra Cerna, have teamed up with IntroVet for a day-long workshop on August 4, 2024 covering FIP, CIRDC, influenza, leptospirosis, mycobacteria, rabies, and antimicrobial resistance.

Master Clinical Neurology 2.0

Master Clinical Neurology course leader, Dr. Bill Bush, and his colleague, Dr. Martin Young, are back to help us broaden our neurology know-how! Join us September 15, 2024 to settle the age-old debate in IVDD management - NSAIDS or steroids?


Now open!

Behavior Workshop

On November 16-17, 2024, we will be hosting our annual in-person workshop - at the San Antonio River Walk! In this 2-day workshop, we will dive into topics like:

  • how to teach a dog useful behaviors (sit, stay, accept nail trims, etc)
  • addressing other unwanted behaviors
  • the foundations of evaluating a behavior concern
  • anxiety, noise phobias, and aggression
  • body language
  • so much more!

Speakers: Amy Learn VMD,DACVB and Alison Gerken, DVM, DACVB-eligible

10 hours CE

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